Friend   Blog Post  KPO's Virgin IPO (Kimly) After 4 Years!

I have never participated in any IPO after investing for 3/4 years. The reason is because one cannot do that with SCB and I have been trying to resist all temptations in order to accumulate all my investment in one account. I no longer need to do that as I have achieved that goal last month!
I am sure by now everyone is familiar with our (SGX) very first kopi-tiam (it means coffee shop in Hokkien, not to be confused with the food court Kopitiam) IPO - Kimly Limited. I would love to invest in Kopitiam and Koufu too whenever I see those crowd during meals time...
This is beyond my comfort zone as I can no longer value it simply using its NAV, CNAV, PB, etc. and to participate in this IPO would mean ...

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