Blog Post  Thoughts on the recent SGX Glitch

Courtesy of LA Times

As you folks may have noticed, if not this post is just to highlight the incidents of it.SGX had a glitch on the exchange today and went down.

Details are on many news websites such as here, including SGX own alerts.

It is good to know that exchanges do go down on various reasons, be it technical issues or just circuit breakers that prevent us from queuing our favourite stocks at great prices or taking some profits off the table to lock them in.Some events:

  • 2014 SGX trading disruptions
  • Mirus Futures Zen-Fire datafeed going down during trading hours or producing weird data during live trading (I heard the programmers mass quit, the guys remaining couldn't fix it well enough)
  • NYSE having a halt due to malfunction (you can read it here)
  • China's ...

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