Friend   Blog Post  The day SGX stopped trading for 5.5 hrs

On Thurs, 14th July 2016, SGX had to halt trading for all its counters around 1130 am. At first, it's supposed to resume trading at 2pm after lunch, but at 2pm when I was eagerly waiting to see if there's any movement from my brokerage platform, I was disappointed. Nothing moved. Later it was announced that it trading will be resumed at 4pm instead. Yet again, at 4pm, none of the counters moved. The last announcement regarding this screw up was that there won't be any trading for the rest of the day and the market is closed.

I don't think I've seen SGX closed for trading longer than this time round, which lasted about 5.5 hours. It really didn't affected me much, but I can imagine the following groups of people being frustrated with the whole fiasco:1. Those ...

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