Blog Post  Jardine Group and UOB Group with Cross-Holding Stock Network

Company A owns Company B. In return, Company B also owns Company A. This is a complex cross-holding of stock network. Let’s learn how smart investors in Jardine Group and UOB Group, using the complex structure to hide their undervalue gem of stock.

Jardine is a giant group of stocks with nearly 200 years of history for Jardine Matheson Holdings, originally from China/Hong Kong, then having dual stock listing in London and Singapore stock exchanges. Ein55 Graduates have already considered Jardine Group of stocks: Jardine Strategic Holdings (SGX: JSH), Jardine Matheson Holdings (SGX: JMH), Jardine Cycle & Carriage (SGXL C07), Hong Kong Land (SGX: H78) last year when their Optimism levels were still low, share prices have gone up more than 20% since then when the market fear has subsided.

There is an interesting history for the cross-holding structure for ...

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