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Mid last week, the folks from Phillip Capital management organized a sharing session with the peer financial bloggers on their upcoming, home-grown and first ever REIT ETF - Phillip SGX APAC Dividend Leader REIT ETF. Personally, I do invest in a couple of local REITs for dividend yield purpose and here come another option for consideration.

Following are some key summary of the REIT ETF:

Manager : Phillip Capital Management (S) Ltd

Currency : USD (Primary) and SGD

Dividend Distribution : Semi-Annual

Projected Dividend Yield : 5% (before taking into consideration of Expense Ratio of 0.65% per annum and Management Fee of 0.50% per annum).

Consist Of : 30 REITS from the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), the constituents sector breakdown are as per following: Australia (59%), Singapore (30%) and Hong Kong (11%)

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