Blog Post  Q1 2017 Update for Mapletree Logistics Trust

MLT released their Q1 results yesterday. Here are some key highlight of their Q1 2017 performance.
  • DPU increased by 2% from 1.85 to 1.887 cents.
  • Slight decrease in Net Asset Value from S$1.04 to 1.02.
  • Aggregate leverage increased slightly from 38.5 to 39%.
  • 79% debt hedged into fixed rates & 70% of income stream for FY17/18 hedged into SGD.
  • Decrease in portfolio occupancy rate to 95.5% on 30 Jun 17 from 96.3% on 31 Mar 17

While MLT's DPU has continued to rise, I am slightly surprised by the decrease in portfolio occupancy rate; which is likely due to the dip in occupancy in South Korea from 98.4% to 83.3%. Will continue to monitor if there are any improvements in the next quarter results. I still rate MLT as a quality purchase and there should be no major business issues ...

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