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 Blog Post  This is better than many Fixed Deposit for this month
I used to be a fixed deposit person, putting my money in fixed deposit to earn the interests. So when I found out that this low risk instrument earns better than fixed deposit (or at least for this month), I am totally surprised! Based on risk and liquidity, should fixed deposit will yield better interest than them for the same tenure.
Let me give you some examples:
- UOB gives a 1.2% per annum interest (with minimum deposit of $20,000) for a 10 month fixed deposit
- OCBC gives a 1.18% per annum interest (with minimum deposit of $20,000) for a 12 month fixed deposit
- Standard chartered gives their non- priority members 1.2% per annum for a 7 month tenor, and 1.3% per annum for a 10 month tenor, with minimum placement of $25,000. For their priority ...

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