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 Blog Post  Shinsho Corporation: Is the stock a bargain?

I was reading SG TTI’s post on Shinsho Corporation and Kobe Steel (read here), and I think it is a good read. For one, it spurs me to find out more about Shinsho Corporation. Or shall I say nudge me a bit out of my slumber :p

I like companies embroiled in scandals, especially scandals that do not affect the business fundamentals of the company but causes a temporary share drop. It reminds me of my experience with Sun Hung Kai Properties.

I typically don’t treat these stocks as long-term plays (unless in the rare case, it turns out to be a really good growth company with long-term profitability). It is basically about going in with the guns flaming and leaving when the hype of the news dies down. I am more concerned about the nature of the scandal ...

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