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 Friend   Blog Post  DIYQuant System Singapore Market Analysis for Next Week 15th - 19th Jan 2018
SG Portfolio
It's a cold week for Singapore but a hot week for the stock market.
STI continued its advance this week, rising 0.89% from 3489.45 to 3520.56. The few stocks I'm currently holding also performed quite well this week with AXB hitting a 50% unrealized profit and T24 gaining 4% in a week to reach 34.25% unrealized gain. Market-wise, the number of stocks on uptrend maintain at 52%. The system is still cautious for now until the trend reversal can be further confirmed. Nonetheless, I can see some potential stocks going to break out next week. Will most likely be loading up some stocks to the portfolio next week.
(The stocks below were shared freely in 2017. From 2018 onward, new stock buy/sell will only be shared exclusive with paid subscribers)
Current portfolio holdings and %PnL+Div
T24 (Tuan ...

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