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 Friend   Blog Post  A tough start to the year but still much optimism to look forward to

First, I like to welcome 8 new subscribers to my blog since the start of this year. This brings the total subscribers to 35. Thank you everyone for your confidence. I am now even more motivated to put up quality blogs to meet your expectations. I also welcome your feedback greatly to help me improved.

2 investment weeks just went past within a blink of an eye. How’s your first 2 weeks of the year?

Mine was a hectic one but I was not busy with investment actions. My first week was unfortunately packed with medical issues and concerns related to family members and friends. I had to make 2 visits to the A&E with 2 different family members. Fortunately, one has recovered fully. However, the other was found to have medical issues that would require long term treatment. Furthermore, ...

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