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 Cafe Post  SGX - First sell transaction of 2018


360 days ago


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352 days ago



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We never know the future ... as I am typing this, Dow just dropped 300 points. As long as you felt that was the right moment to reduce the risk exposure, then it would be a correct decision in its own right.

posted 352 days ago

haha! I also sold at $7.82 cos I felt that the market was really red hot, and wanted to minimise risk of holding too many stocks with too little cash in hand to take advantage of a potential correction/crash.

I guess we can both take comfort in each other’s sell timing, not the best but well, at least there was some profit!

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HAHA, yup! At least we profited and now have more cash on hand for when we see any favourable stocks:) - shanyen 355 days ago
posted 358 days ago

Yup, I won't think too much about how much more I could have earned. Good that I had profits and am clear why I wanted to sell it off. Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated:)

posted 359 days ago

Don't ruminate too much on a sell decision. I sold DBS back in Nov 17 @ $24 as well, and the price is now $26.44. Haha. Most importantly was that you are clear why you wanted to sell. For me, I had certain sell limits and it hit the first so it was good to get some profits from it.


posted 359 days ago

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