Blog Post  HL Global Enterprises (AVX.SI) - Cloud of Uncertainty Removed
In my previous post here, we discussed about HL Global Enterprises' relatively complicated disposal of LKN Investment International Pte Ltd (LKNII) and some salient features about why the shares of the company were worth a bet. Looks like most (if not all) of the points covered went through nicely and things are indeed looking very well for them.
In Summary:
1. Disposal of LKNII and CHQ is completed and the >S$100M proceeds are already received.
2. Part of the proceeds are used to pay off the Venture Lewis loan in full.
3. HL Global Enterprises' future earnings will be relieved of the heavy interest expense as a result of payment of the loan and we should reasonably expect positive earnings going forward.
4. The free cash flows of the group remains positive as usual.
5. The group has applied ...

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