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I decided to read this book because I was interested to find out how the perspectives of the REIT managers were like when it was written in 2011. It is very easy to read, not many financial technical terms, and is very suitable for a REIT investor wannabe.
The first half of the book is the theory, which you will find boring if you already know how to read the items in the financial statements and fairly standard ratios. Nonetheless I learnt about perspectives. For example, when someone tells you to focus on the Net Property Income (NPI) of the REIT, it actually refers to the NPI as an amount, but what the analyst uses is the growth % of the NPI. For me, I prefer to use my version of NPI where I exclude the valuation gains but ...

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As the saying goes, sell when everyone is greedy and buy when everyone is fearful. For me personal, I learn the need to invest continuously be it good times or bad times. Bad times, I may buy more if I am confident of the company. It is important to be in the market all the time, you never know what will happen the next moment. - warriortan 658 days ago
yah loh, just need to know the right price... - jarwey 658 days ago



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