Friend   Blog Post  Frasers Logistics Trust (FLT) Ventures Into Germany and Dutch Acquisitions

At around this time last year, FLT makes 7 Aussie assets acquisition and added them into their portfolio of the logistics predominantly located in parts of Australia.

This time round, they've gone a lot bigger by deciding to acquire 21 industrial properties, comprising of 17 properties in Germany and 4 properties in Netherlands which has a predominantly freehold land tenure.

The appraised value for these properties is valued at S$984.4m by independent valuers, and the agreed purchase price is at S$972.8m. This represents approximately 1.2% discount to the appraised value of the properties.

After deducting for the liabilities and debt facilities of the holding company, the purchase consideration after net is approximately around $515.4m. This is the amount that FLT has to come up with to acquire the 21 assets.

Assets Portfolio
The assets are spread across the different ...

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