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Positive - almost 90% Singapore office occupancy rate with committed lease in 3Q (01/2018 to 03/2018) above market rate but below expiring rents.
- China property handed over to Markor International Home Furnishings Co. with periodic step-up rent structure. Renovation to finished in 3Q. I assume no rent is collect yet as in FY 16/17, the property incur a loss.
- Assuming the China property to have the same NPI as in FY15/16 of 2.6 million. It will contribute 0.12cents to DPU.
- Australia Plaza Arcade with its 41% expansion on AEI of 2000 sqm, of which 1200 is committed to anchor tenant UNIQLO's first Australia store.

- If the AEI GLA if fully leased out and base on FY16/17 NPI from the property, NPI will increase by 0.96million (41% more GLA), which will contribute about 0.05cents to DPU.

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