Blog Post  Post-mortem Of CDW Holding Ltd Divestment

I have just recently divested my entire stake of 200,000 shares of CDW Holdings, at $0.265 and $0.235.

This is a company where the business has deteriorated rapidly over the past couple of years, and I was genuinely relieved to see the last of my shares sold, despite having to recognize a relatively small loss from the divestment.

My initial investing hypothesis mainly involved a turnaround of the business after they have acquired Pengfu, a turnaround that never really arrived. Instead, the bad news just kept arriving, to the extent that the business has changed materially from when I first analyzed the company.

Here’s the initial investment thesis:

CDW Holding Limited

In this post, I’ll aim to reflect back on my initial thesis and the reasons for investing, discuss what has since transpired, and finally, my reasons for divesting (if ...

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