Blog Post  AEONCR: Earning Rebounded Strongly
Result Update

For QE30/5/2018, AEONCR's net profit rose 21% q-o-q or 31% y-o-y to RM99 million while revenue rose 5% q-o-q or 8% y-o-y to RM326 million. Pre-tax profit rose 25% q-o-q mainly due to lower impairment loss on financial receivables.
Table: AEONCR's last 8 quarterly results
As noted previously, AEONCR's revenue & profits are at a new "high" territory!
Graph: AEONCR's last 44 quarterly results
AEONCR (closed at RM14.40 last Friday) is now trading at a PE of 10.7 times (based on last 4 quarters' EPS of 135 sen). At this PER, AEONCR is deemed fairly attractive. In addition, it pays a decent dividend with DY of 2.9% (based on last year dividend of 41.13 sen).
Technical Outlook
Despite recent correction, AEONCR's uptrend seems intact as the decline was stopped by the 30-week EMA line.
Chart 1: AEONCR'sweekly ...

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