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 Friend   Blog Post  Richer but can’t help feeling concerned with being over-invested

Starting this year, I occasionally blogged about my net worth. I calculated it based on (Total Assets – Total Liabilities). However, in defining “net worth”, I have left out the “bulky” and iliquid assets/liabilities like property and car. The reasons being it is difficult to translate them into cash immediately when needed, it is also challenging to assess its market value and as I called them – are bulky and can easy slew the analysis.

Following an analysis yesterday, I realised that my net worth has experienced a roller coaster ride very much like the local stock market through the last few months. And one new development from my analysis is the concern that I may be overly invested. If the local stock market really tanks, my net worth will decline significantly and I will really be in deep deep ...

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It depends on individuals. For myself I go by a trickle down effect of income - expenses > emergency fund > investment portfolio. Once the emergency fund limit (whether 6 months' worth of expenses or e.g. $10K), the spillover would go to the investment portfolio straight from my income.

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