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I do not know why but without much hesitation, I have sold off Suntec REIT today. Total profit was 54.3%. If I include the dividends collected over the years, total profit was 105%. I have sold off Suntec REIT not because of its slight decline in DPU in 2Q2018 but because it only makes up only 2% of my entire stock portfolio.

I invest in REITs mostly for their dividends and we all know that the more units we held, the more distribution we get every quarter from the REITs. Since the share price of Suntec REIT has appreciated much over the years since IPO, selling it seems to be the right decision. I can invest the money from the sale into other REITs. Yes, I am going to do that but I have yet to make up my mind ...

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I am still holding on to mine ... hoping that it would go back to >$2 :-)

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