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 Friend   Blog Post  My Index Portfolio outperforms Growth & Income combined

First, let me welcome 16 new subscribers in the last one month. With your support, the total number of subscribes have breached the 100 marks. Thank you very much.

It has been a long while since I blogged about index portfolio. This article is to share my investment approaches via growth, income and index portfolio. In earlier blog (5% Yield, I did it!), it was just on growth and income. Recap: it was 5% dividend yield but negative 6% loss in capital value (exclude dividend).

This is a separate portfolio that I have last year to hold all my equities, bonds and Reits ETFs and Unit Trusts. In the January blog, I mentioned that the composition of index portfolio at end Dec 2017 was as follows:

As @ 31 Dec 2017,

  1. Bond = 35% (down 4% from end ...

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