Blog Post  The Tech Powerhouse Face-off

This article contains information (except the companies' name) from the 2nd Scorecard Newsletter written on 29 Sep 2018 for my Moat Scorecard subscribers.
For the 2nd issue of Scorecard Analysis, I like to bring you attention to 2 Tech Powerhouse listed in SGX – Company A (Coy A) and Company B (Coy B).

As taken from their website, this was how they describe their business:

Company A

“We are a precision engineering group which specializes in manufacturing high precision front-end semiconductor components and perform complex electromechanical assembly and final testing services. Included in our core business is the production of modular and integration systems for original semiconductor equipment manufacturers. Aside from semiconductor industry, we also cater to other industries including in electronic, machine tools, aerospace and oil & gas industries.”

Company B

“Coy B ...

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