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 Blog Post  November 2018 US Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +76.72%, YTD = +1.52%, Q4 = -5.65%
US market fared better in November than October. The market whipsawed throughout the month started with the expected results of the mid term election which rallied the market, followed by a tech sell-off due to the dimmed outlook of iPhone sales and ended with another rally due to the dovish Fed's outlook and optimism in Trump and Xi coming up with a trade deal during the G-20 summit. For the month, Dow Jones rose 1.68%, S&P500 1.79% and NASDAQ 0.34%.

My US portfolio stayed 100% cash for a large part of November while the market whipsawed. The system started loading only near the end of the month after the mid term election has ended and after the Federal Reserves dovish comments.
Portfolio October return: +0.59%
Q4 return: -5.65%
YTD return: +1.52%
Total return since inception (since June ...

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