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 Blog Post  November 2018 Singapore Portfolio Performance Report. Overall = +39.94%, YTD -15.85%, Q4 -9.64%
How was November like for Singapore market?
Singapore market was more optimistic in November as compared to October. US mid term election ended expectedly with Democrats taking over the House, US Federal Reserves turned dovish and Trump and Xi called for a 90 days truce in trade war, all these uplifted investors' mood and sent STI up by 3.27% for the month.

How was the portfolio performance in September?
PS: From October 2018 onward I will be reverting to using absolute return instead of time weighted return. Reason being time weighted return only captures the invested component. It does not capture the cash component which is a big part of the portfolio in times of market decline. Another reason is to be consistent with the calculation of the US portfolio returns.
Despite a positive month for STI, my ...

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