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 Blog Post  What should mom do with $200k inheritance?

Reader says...
My mum was given an inheritance to the tune of $200k.
Not knowing what to do with the money, my mum deposited it in the bank without our knowledge and of course, she was “invited” to speak to a bank’s representative and...
I experienced some difficulty convincing her to put a significant portion of the remaining sum into her CPF as she is apprehensive that the money will thereafter be “locked up” for life and she can only get a small portion of it every month.
I do not think the sum in her CPF RA is anywhere near the BRS.
Unfortunately, every individual is only limited to a maximum of $100k in SSB.
What do you think are good alternatives for someone like my mum (62 this year) to park her remaining sum?
I take it upon ...

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