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 Friend   Blog Post  How did you spend your SG Bonus ?
A number of friends on FB were upset to know that $300 arrived in my bank account this week because of SG Bonus 2018. I got $300 because I was still a student and Part B candidate in 2017. Regardless of how you feel about investors maxing out the SG government bonus, many of us dividends investors already have $300 extra in the bank.
I took one step further than many guys who got $300. I converted it to $906 Malaysian Ringgit and spent a day in Johor Bahru. My relatives put me up in a nice Bed and Breakfast at Replacement Cafe.
While $300 would possibly disappear within a day of Christmas shopping in Orchard Road, I only spent about a fifth of my SG Bonus in JB. I will be back to attack Malaysia with my SG Bonus ...

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