Blog Post  Reflections - My performance investing into CapitaMall Trust
Recently I liquidated my position in CapitaMall Trust at 2.08 per unit for my home purchase. I had bought 5000 units at 1.875 each at the end of November 2015. Originally I had intended to hold for many years to come. I achieved total gain of 24.6%. Annualised over 2.5 years, that is 9.84% per annum.

Why I bought CMT
- Interest in income investing and developing passive income.
- Business is easy to understand.
- Confidence in business as I visit their malls often.
- It was going for slightly under NAV due to fear from the impact of rising interest rate.

Comparison to SPDR STI ETF
Now I'm going to do the same thing I did for reflecting on my performance investing into Cache Logistic Trust. 5000 units of CMT at 1.875 ...

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