Blog Post  The Hongkong Stock Market Dilemma
Being a value investor and probably an educator, as well as a researcher, I am very confused over the back-testing I have done via the Hongkong Stock Market.
In this post, I have stated that my back-testing shown that Hongkong Stock Market do not react well to Top 5 Criteria Test Version 1, Top 5 Criteria Test Version 2 and TUB Score Version 2.
However, in the event, I do not follow these metrics to invest in Hongkong Stock Markets - I do not feel that I have a significant margin of safety.
I have also mentions my dilemma in this InvestingNote post and many gurus had also provided their views. Do read them in the comments to the InvestingNote Post.
My Dilemma Stated In InvestingNote
Anyway, I am going to find the answers to my questions again. This answer has to ...

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