Blog Post  TTI’s Portfolio Updates – 02/11/2016

As of 9M2016, TTI’s portfolio eeked out a 3.12% return, barely beating STI ETF’s 2.45% by a whisker.

Honestly, I was somewhat disappointed whilst doing the calculations as I was expecting to beat the index by a much larger margin. On closer inspection though, I was very encouraged as my position in Valeant dragged down the overall returns. It’s no secret how Valeant has performed of late.

Excluding my US equity positions, my SG portfolio would’ve returned 10.36% in 9M2016, a very decent performance in a tough year.

Still, it is ridiculous to exclude parts of your portfolio. If so, anyone would be able to show magnificent returns. I went back to re-read my initial investing thesis though, and nothing has changed so I’m sticking to my guns.

AUM is rather close to the magical $1mil mark, and I’m likely ...

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