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Founded in 1970, the Hong Kong based Wai Kee Holdings (WKH) Limited has a well-established presence in the construction and infrastructure industries.Wai Kee Group has operations in the following areas:
- Toll Road
- Property development
- Construction
- Construction Materials
- Quarrying

90% of WKH revenue comes from Road King and 90+% of Road King revenue comes from property development. Hence WKH is actually a property counter. WKH current share price is $4.40, trading at about 0.5x NAV. Does that consider undervalue? We know that most Singapore property developer or construction counters are trading below book too.
From the latest interim Report, WKH owns 41.94% of Road King and 56.33% of Build King.
Looking at sum of parts, WKH is worth at least $6.96. That is a further 52% gain with a current yield of ...

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