Blog Post  The Missing Piece in Your Financial Plan

Most financial advisors are in fact retirement planners. A retirement planner shows you the roadmap to achieve your retirement goal, by saving an adequate nest egg that can last you a lifetime. However, that might not be the best financial advice you need. Plead guilty myself. I used to provide general planning for typical clients. And it could be a false dream because some assumptions are dangerous if clients follow blindly.

Fallacy #1: Diversification

First generic advice you often get is to diversify your portfolio. Typically, Malaysians are encouraged to save in EPF, PRS, life insurance, and unit trusts. When you don’t know what you are doing, diversification is the most common strategy that makes sense. You don’t want to heavily rely on a specific asset class and put your money at risk. So you diversify. However, we seldom ...

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