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I wanted to take this time to quickly update on my latest position.

After the recent run-up to most of the S-Reits which I believe is near valuation peak over the past 10 years (apart from 2015), I have decided to lock in my gains and divested Frasers Logistic Trust (FLT) yesterday at a price of $1.14.

This divestment gave me a very decent return in terms of both dividend and capital appreciation for the past couple of years I had them. Other than the dividends I have been getting over these years, I have also participated in their rights last year which brings down my average price further.

At $1.14, and assuming 1.78 cents/quarter annualized for the full year, it represents a dividend yield of 6.2% currently, which I think is a bit heavy (expensive) from a valuation ...

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