Blog Post  My Thoughts On Hock Lian Seng 9M16 Results

Hock Lian Seng kicked off the local earnings season for me, and they’re even kind enough to do so on a Friday so that I would’ve more time to analyze it leisurely.

To top it off, HLS’s financial results are my absolute favorite to analyze: It’s “clean cut”, they mention the reason for the changes for every item as best as they can, the business is relatively easy to understand and there are no fancy, techie type of words that make my simple brain pause and make me re-read it a few times to try to understand (re: my previous post about S i2i)

On a related note, some time ago I read a study that indicates that companies that release earnings results earlier, tend to outperform expectations compared to companies that release them later.

The study was retrospective and ...

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