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 Blog Post  O&G Play Set to Return
It is sad that the most important nation in the world - once the global policeman - is now a rogue nation. Yesterday the U.S. announced that it would impose sanction on any nation that imports Iranian oil ( here). I equate this action to the invasion of Iraq by George W Bush in 2003.

Politics aside, crude oil has just broken above last 2 weeks highs of USD72.00 and put in a gain fo USD2.07 to close at USD74.04. It came close to testing the resistance at the horizontal line at USD75.00.

The current breakout move is a strong move based on rising ADX. Notwithstanding a short-term pullback, I believe this move could eventually test USD80.00 before a more meaningful correction. Thus, I believe we may see another round of play in our O&G sector.

Chart 1: BRENT's ...

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