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 Friend   Blog Post  Equity Portfolio Dividend Yield is 2.9% Year-to-Date, > 5% Full Year Target Intact

A few of you have asked me to share more details about my portfolio since my last post yesterday. So, here it goes.

Just on Equity Portfolio – Income & Growth Combined

I don’t have shares of all 63 companies in my watchlist. Currently, I own shares of 50 of them. Still a lot, I know. I hope to progressively reduce the numbers as I migrate more to ETFs.

Furthermore, some of them are very small holdings, legacy reasons because I bought them expensive and/or they are just odd lots. Though it is not exactly 80/20, for my equity portfolio, about 55% of the total value is made up of 20% of the companies. Singtel is the only company with double digit % holding in my portfolio. The rest are about 5% or less.

My top 10 ...

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