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 Blog Post  Goodbye to Affordable Mortgage Loans?

Sibor rates since 2006

Was looking through the historical interest rate charts recently. I have a look at the Fed rate since 1950 and Singapore interest rates since 1995 so as to have a feel of the likely trajectory of the interest rate environment. I believe many are considering if they should be taking the fixed rate or the floating rate for their refinancing. Gone are the days of low interest rates whereby it have been almost 13 years since 2007 whereby taking the HDB loan seems like the worst decision ever as HDB loans interest rate stands at 2.6% and private banks loans are hovering below 1.5%. Currently, fixed rates bank loans are around 2.3%-2.6%.

Sibor 3 months rate since 1995

There have been approximately an almost 15%-20% increase in mortgage payment for my own loan since ...

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