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When Ken was queuing up for his usual cup of iced latte, a former colleague, Johan patted on his back.

Johan: ‘Ken, sudah lama tak jumpa. How are you, bro?’

Ken: ‘I’m fine.’ Jokingly, he asked: ‘Are you here for a drink?

Johan: ‘Eh … Tak ada lah. I’m still fasting, bro.’

They later found a quiet spot and began to catch up. Like Ken, Johan was just killing time as his wife Atiqah went shopping.

Ken: ‘Kerja mana sekarang?’

Johan: ‘The same company that you left some years ago.’

Ken: ‘How’s life?

Johan: ‘Sama je, nothing special. I’m just surviving only. Not like you bro, sudah kaya raya. Haha …‘ Ken: ‘Haha … Where got? Belum sampai lagi. Now, I’m still inching one step at a time towards financial independence.’

Johan: ‘

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