Blog Post  Keeping my faith with AIMS APAC REIT
Used about half my proceeds from the Ascendas Htrust sale and added 100 lots of AIMS to my portfolio when it went XD @ 1.44.
In hindsight, could have waited a bit longer. The next day, it went as low as 1.41/1.42. Then again, thousand gold cannot buy early know.
I continue to be quite optimistic on AIMS.
Compared to ESR REIT, AIMS is arguably a safer play due to its comparatively lower gearing (33% vs 39% of ESR REIT).
Furthermore, there is a lot of untapped GFA for AIMS properties. One DBS Treasures report puts it as 600,000 square feet of untapped gross floor area. This coupled with its substantial debt headroom makes AIMS attractive since it would have some flexibility to use debt to finance AEI or repurpose some of its assets to improve ...

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