Friend   Blog Post  ComfortDelGro Analysis – An Overrated Recovery?

In my previous article, I wrote that I am continuously looking to buy defensive stocks such as Sheng Siong, ComfortDelGro, SBS Transit, Koufu and the telecommunication stocks such as Netlink Trust and Singtel. As of now, I have yet to initiate position in Netlink Trust (in my watchlist) as I felt the valuation is still on the high side despite STI Index falling about 8% from its peak in August 2019. Defensive stocks’ price tend to be more resilient than cyclical stock during market rout.

A look at CDG’s share price, we could see that its share price dropped close to 12% in just one month. As CDG is one of our Singapore’s blue chip defensive stocks, it has definitely raised some of our eyebrows whether it is time to invest in this company. In this article, I will ...

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