Blog Post  Tumble Mumble - Why did Mr Llama start the Tumble Mumble series
As promised, I am going to write on the inspiration to start the Tumble Mumble series. I am going to be honest and say I am still exploring what is best for me. Presently, I would say both.
I have tried to invest for good. Putting money into various REITs and stocks. They proved to be good, however, I always took profits at the wrong time, or sell at the wrong time. Intention was always to hold till it gives a good capital gain. Yet, while holding, profits turn to losses and vice versa. News and events occur and I lack cash to capitalize on such opportunities.
Well, I would define trading as making a trade with the intention of taking profits be it a week, or a month.
Any trades that lasts for 3 months ...

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