Blog Post  Largest investments updated (4Q 2019).

From my last couple of blogs, readers would be able to get an idea of what might have changed in my portfolio.
Since the last blog, however, I have made another significant investment or, more accurately, reinvestment.
What am I talking about?


Some readers might remember that I reduced my investment in Wilmar significantly in 3Q 2019 in the month of July, booking a pretty decent capital gain in the process.
Wilmar lost its position as one of my largest investments in 3Q 2019 as a result of that move.
I explained that the move was based on technical analysis (TA) and not because I thought Wilmar was no longer a fundamentally good investment.
That meant I would be building up my investment in Wilmar again when the time is right.

I still like Wilmar as ...

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