Blog Post  Is Eagle Hospitality Trust worth it?

On 24 October, a reader left a comment here in my blog:
"The yield is almost 10% now.
"When trading halt is lifted, price is likely to crash and yield will shoot up above 10%.
"Do you think the risk is worth taking ? Thanks."
In reply, I said that the risk looked pretty significant.
I felt that I shouldn't take on too much risk in my retirement.
Basically, that meant I wasn't going to invest in Eagle Hospitality Trust.
The following day, on 25 October, Eagle Hospitality Trust's unit price crashed from 64.5 cents to 54.5 cents.
Of course, it did not stop there as it further plunged spectacularly to 44 cents on 5 November.
People say that IPO stands for "it's probably overpriced".
Well, it seems to be the case here.
Eagle Hospitality Trust's ...

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