Blog Post  Tax reliefs and rebate for us as first-time working parents

I went out to collect my baby’s Birth Certificate and changed the residential address on my NRIC at ICA this morning. The entire process of taking the bus and train to the ICA Building, go through the 2 processes and get back home took 1.5 hours (door-to-door).

Wanted to test my public transport errand running time and my wife was surprised to see me back so soon. Good that things are fast and efficient here in Singapore. It would have been quicker using private transport but my father-in-law went groceries marketing for the confinement nanny. Useful to test out all the transport options available to us.

Anyway, hopefully this is our last errand for the week since we have been heading out every day since Monday. Feeling tired but I have also been thinking of going back to work earlier, ...

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