Blog Post  Cory Diary : Dividends 2019
With the year coming to a close, all the expected dividends have been accorded for. Year 2019 seen a number of acquisitions and mergers which has change the expected dividends. Therefore some deliberations made for it. Total dividend for Year 2019 received $52, 299 which is equivalent to $4,358 monthly cash-flow. Cumulative dividends tracked $324,750.
Scrip Dividends
Decided to take up Aims Apac Reit and OCBC scrips which are a good discount. To compute dividend returns two steps were done. First is to register the expected dividends and then replace them with the number of shares given.
Ascendas Reit issued relatively deep discount of Rights. They were sold off for about $1,700.
Strictly speaking I am not sure should count them in as dividend but since is one-time, and it supports cash-flow, this will be included for ...

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