StocksCafe X SG Budget Babe
This is a collaboration between StocksCafe and SG Budget Babe, where users of StocksCafe can get discounts on investing courses and at the same time become a Friend of StocksCafe.


In a survey earlier this year, I asked users what capability they would like to see in StocksCafe and "Investing education (general investing - e.g. articles on investing)" is the overwhelming top choice with almost 70% of the respondents selecting it. Therefore, I went on to seek for collaboration opportunities with investing education providers and found SG Budget Babe!


SG Budget Babe is Singapore's most popular and fastest-rising female financial lifestyle blogger. Known for her analytical approach to analysing companies, her investment knowledge was gleaned through a mix of investment experience, over 30 investment books, and even spending tens of thousands in attending investing courses. Upon request, she also runs the occasional, ad-hoc investment workshops for her readers.

As her physical workshop was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, her readers made a fuss and requested for her to do it online, so she has taken all of that knowledge and crafted them into these focused and easy-to-digest courses which you can enjoy today!