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Materials Companies

Company Name Symbol Sector Industry
ABTERRA^ L5I Materials Steel
Megachem Limited 5DS Materials Specialty Chemicals
SRI TRANG GLOVES STG Materials Specialty Chemicals
Chemical Industries (Far East) Limited C05 Materials Commodity Chemicals
Soon Lian Holdings Limited 5MD Materials Aluminum
Silkroad Nickel Ltd STP Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
Fabchem China Limited BFT Materials Specialty Chemicals
EnGro Corporation Limited S44 Materials Construction Materials
Reenova Investment Holding Limited 5EC Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
Jiutian Chemical Group Limited C8R Materials Commodity Chemicals
China Haida Ltd C92 Materials Aluminum
JAWALA 1J7 Materials Forest Products
MIDAS 5EN Materials Aluminum
AnnAik Limited A52 Materials Steel
Asia Enterprises Holding Limited A55 Materials Steel
LUXKING BKK Materials Specialty Chemicals
International Cement Group Ltd KUO Materials Construction Materials
VCPlus Limited 43E Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
Wilton Resources Corporation Limited 5F7 Materials Gold
AEI W210527^ CTPW Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
Samurai 2K Aerosol Ltd Y8E Materials Specialty Chemicals
Halcyon Agri Corporation Limited 5VJ Materials Commodity Chemicals
Teckwah Industrial Corporation Ltd 561 Materials Metal & Glass Containers
Matex International Limited M15 Materials Specialty Chemicals
HG Metal Manufacturing Limited BTG Materials Steel
Sin Ghee Huat Corporation Ltd B7K Materials Steel
Fortress Minerals Limited OAJ Materials Steel
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd QES Materials Specialty Chemicals
Sen Yue Holdings Limited 5BS Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
FULL APEX^ BTY Materials Metal & Glass Containers
Hanwell Holdings Limited DM0 Materials Metal & Glass Containers
New Wave Holdings Ltd 5FX Materials Aluminum
Anchun International Holdings Ltd BTX Materials Commodity Chemicals
Alita Resources Limited 40F Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
The Straits Trading Company Limited S20 Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
AEI Corporation Ltd AWG Materials Aluminum
NSL Ltd N02 Materials Construction Materials
Nico Steel Holdings Limited 5GF Materials Steel
AsiaPhos Limited 5WV Materials Diversified Metals & Mining
New Toyo International Holdings Ltd N08 Materials Metal & Glass Containers
Southern Alliance Mining Ltd QNS Materials Steel
Mirach Energy Limited AWO Materials Forest Products
CHINA PAPER C71 Materials Paper Products
GDR UPL US$ BYS Materials Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals
CHINA GREAT LAND^ D50 Materials Construction Materials
Southern Packaging Group Limited BQP Materials Metal & Glass Containers
Samko Timber Limited E6R Materials Forest Products
BRC Asia Limited BEC Materials Steel
Shen Yao Holdings Limited A78 Materials Gold
Design Studio Group Ltd D11 Materials Construction Materials
ACH ADR US$ K3HD Materials Aluminum
LHT BEI Materials Forest Products
Meghmani Organics Limited M30 Materials Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals
Pan-United Corporation Ltd P52 Materials Construction Materials
CNMC Goldmine Holdings Limited 5TP Materials Gold
Abundance International Limited 541 Materials Commodity Chemicals
TAT SENG PKG T12 Materials Metal & Glass Containers
GCCP Resources Limited 41T Materials Construction Materials
Lion Asiapac Limited BAZ Materials Construction Materials
SUNVIC CHEMICAL^ A7S Materials Commodity Chemicals