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Industrials Companies

Company Name Symbol Sector Industry
Wong Fong Industries Ltd 1A1 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
USP Group Ltd BRS Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Koh Brothers Eco Engineering Ltd 5HV Industrials Construction & Engineering
AGV Group Ltd 1A4 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd BS6 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
ASL Marine Holdings Ltd A04 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Intraco Ltd I06 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
GKE Corp Ltd 595 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Hor Kew Corp Ltd BBP Industrials Construction & Engineering
ISDN Holdings Ltd I07 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Natural Cool Holdings Ltd 5IF Industrials Building Products
First Ship Lease Trust D8DU Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Green Build Technology Ltd Y06 Industrials Construction & Engineering
ComfortDelGro Corp Ltd C52 Industrials Railroads
Allied Technologies Ltd A13 Industrials Industrial Machinery
SOILBUILD CONSTRUCTION W240729 SYYW Industrials Construction & Engineering
KOH BROTHERS ECO ENGG W211112 1F9W Industrials Construction & Engineering
Ocean Sky International Ltd 1B6 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Triyards Holdings Ltd RC5 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Audience Analytics Ltd 1AZ Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Jardine Matheson Holdings Ltd J36 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Hock Lian Seng Holdings Ltd J2T Industrials Construction & Engineering
Seatrium Ltd S51 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Jardine Strategic Holdings Ltd J37 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
OIO Holdings Ltd KUX Industrials Construction & Engineering
Sembcorp Industries Ltd U96 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Samudera Shipping Line Ltd S56 Industrials Marine
SIA Engineering Co Ltd S59 Industrials Airport Services
SATS Ltd S58 Industrials Airport Services
Ley Choon Group Holdings Ltd Q0X Industrials Construction & Engineering
A-Sonic Aerospace Ltd BTJ Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Penguin International Ltd BTM Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Shanaya Ltd SES Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
SAMURAI 2K AEROSOL LIMITED 1C3 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
5E Resources Ltd NLC Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
World Precision Machinery Ltd B49 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Innopac Holdings Ltd I26 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Ryobi Kiso Holdings Ltd BDN Industrials Construction & Engineering
SBS Transit Ltd S61 Industrials Railroads
Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd S63 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
GSH Corp Ltd BDX Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Singapore Airlines Ltd C6L Industrials Airlines
AMOS Group Ltd 49B Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Southern Archipelago Ltd A33 Industrials Diversified Support Services
TA Corp Ltd PA3 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Resources Global Development Ltd QSD Industrials Marine
MARCO POLO MARINE LTD. W230127 CQLW Industrials Marine
Koh Brothers Group Ltd K75 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Noble Group Ltd CGP Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Oiltek International Ltd HQU Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hi-P International Ltd H17 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Pacific Radiance Ltd T8V Industrials Marine
Beng Kuang Marine Ltd BEZ Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Sanli Environmental Ltd 1E3 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Sheffield Green Ltd SGR Industrials Human Resource & Employment Services
Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd Z59 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Marco Polo Marine Ltd 5LY Industrials Marine
AMOS Group Ltd RF7 Industrials Marine
Tiong Seng Holdings Ltd BFI Industrials Construction & Engineering
Uni-Asia Group Ltd CHJ Industrials Marine
Hoe Leong Corp Ltd H20 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Vallianz Holdings Ltd WPC Industrials Marine
Swissco Holdings Ltd ADP Industrials Marine
Soilbuild Construction Group Ltd S7P Industrials Construction & Engineering
Mooreast Holdings Ltd 1V3 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Tye Soon Ltd BFU Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
A-SONIC AEROSPACE W220408 8YMW Industrials Construction & Engineering
Lincotrade & Associates Holdings Ltd BFT Industrials Construction & Engineering
Dyna-Mac Holdings Ltd NO4 Industrials Construction & Engineering
KOH BROTHERS ECO ENGG W230925 KHDW Industrials Construction & Engineering
HRnetGroup Ltd CHZ Industrials Human Resource & Employment Services
Hu An Cable Holdings Ltd KI3 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Dutech Holdings Ltd CZ4 Industrials Office Services & Supplies
VIKING OFFSHORE & MA W220701 KZHW Industrials Industrial Machinery
Nam Lee Pressed Metal Industries Ltd G0I Industrials Industrial Machinery
Kingsmen Creatives Ltd 5MZ Industrials Research & Consulting Services
MEMIONTEC HOLDINGS LTD. SYM Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Courage Investment Group Ltd CIN Industrials Marine
BBR Holdings (S) Ltd KJ5 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Boustead Projects Ltd AVM Industrials Construction & Engineering
Chasen Holdings Ltd 5NV Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust P7VU Industrials Marine
GP Industries Ltd G20 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Koyo International Ltd 5OC Industrials Construction & Engineering
LS 2 Holdings Ltd ENV Industrials Diversified Support Services
Pacific Radiance Ltd RXS Industrials Marine
Brook Crompton Holdings Ltd AWC Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
SP Corp Ltd AWE Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Malaysia Smelting Corp Bhd NPW Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Turbo Enterprises Ltd AWM Industrials Industrial Machinery
Alpina Holdings Ltd ZXY Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Environment Ltd 5OU Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Vibrant Group Ltd BIP Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Fu Yu Corp Ltd F13 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Yongnam Holdings Ltd AXB Industrials Construction & Engineering
M Development Ltd N14 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Lms Compliance Ltd LMS Industrials Diversified Support Services
Hiap Tong Corp Ltd 5PO Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Tai Sin Electric Ltd 500 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
CosmoSteel Holdings Ltd B9S Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Fuji Offset Plates Manufacturing Ltd 508 Industrials Industrial Machinery
VibroPower Corp Ltd BJD Industrials Industrial Machinery
9RW270628 KJZW Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Kunda Technology Holdings Ltd GU5 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shinvest Holding Ltd BJW Industrials Industrial Machinery
Miyoshi Ltd M03 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hiap Seng Engineering Ltd 510 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Sin Heng Heavy Machinery Ltd BKA Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
JEP Holdings Ltd 1J4 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
ASL MARINE HLDGS W240723 WG2W Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Avarga Ltd U09 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
KSH Holdings Ltd ER0 Industrials Construction & Engineering
AEM HOLDINGS LTD XWA Industrials Diversified Support Services
ES Group (Holdings) Ltd 5RC Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Yongmao Holdings Ltd BKX Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
InnoTek Ltd M14 Industrials Industrial Machinery
ANNAIK LIMITED W241009 VAIW Industrials Industrial Machinery
Nordic Group Ltd MR7 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Union Steel Holdings Ltd BLA Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
KTL Global Ltd EB7 Industrials Diversified Support Services
V2Y Corp Ltd V2Y Industrials Diversified Support Services
PanOcean Co Ltd AZY Industrials Marine
PSL Holdings Ltd BLL Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Ever Glory United Holdings Ltd ZKX Industrials Construction & Engineering
Starburst Holdings Ltd 40D Industrials Aerospace & Defense
MMP Resources Ltd F3V Industrials Construction & Engineering
Darco Water Technologies Ltd BLR Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
GRP Ltd BLU Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Lian Beng Group Ltd L03 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Metech International Ltd V3M Industrials Diversified Support Services
Versalink Holdings Ltd 40N Industrials Office Services & Supplies
TA CORPORATION LTD W220520 CGOW Industrials Construction & Engineering
Lung Kee (Bermuda) Holdings Ltd L09 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Tee International Ltd M1Z Industrials Construction & Engineering
OKP Holdings Ltd 5CF Industrials Construction & Engineering
MS Holdings Ltd 40U Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
YANGZIJIANG SHIPBLDG HLDGS LTD SO7 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
ZICO Holdings Inc 40W Industrials Diversified Support Services
Nam Cheong Ltd N4E Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Huationg Global Ltd 41B Industrials Construction & Engineering
ecoWise Holdings Ltd 5CT Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Keppel Corp Ltd BN4 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Far East Group Ltd 5TJ Industrials Industrial Machinery
Libra Group Ltd 5TR Industrials Construction & Engineering
Keong Hong Holdings Ltd 5TT Industrials Construction & Engineering
Wee Hur Holdings Ltd E3B Industrials Construction & Engineering
Lum Chang Holdings Ltd L19 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Civmec Ltd P9D Industrials Construction & Engineering
Koon Holdings Ltd 5DL Industrials Construction & Engineering
Reclaims Global Ltd NEX Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
SOILBUILD CONSTRUCTION W210713 BUPW Industrials Construction & Engineering
NauticAWT Ltd 42D Industrials Construction & Engineering
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust NS8U Industrials Marine
CSC Holdings Ltd C06 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Meta Health Ltd 5DX Industrials Industrial Machinery
Neo Group Ltd 5UJ Industrials Diversified Support Services
Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd C07 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd K3CD Industrials Airlines
Atlantic Navigation Holdings (Singapore) Ltd 5UL Industrials Marine
Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd L23 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Sysma Holdings Ltd 5UO Industrials Construction & Engineering
OCEAN SKY INTERNATIONALW210806 9CWW Industrials Construction & Engineering
CFM Holdings Ltd 5EB Industrials Industrial Machinery
Leader Environmental Technologies Ltd LS9 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
King Wan Corp Ltd 554 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Adventus Holdings Ltd 5EF Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Axington Inc 42U Industrials Research & Consulting Services
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd K3TD Industrials Airlines
Singapore Post Ltd S08 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Eindec Corp Ltd 42Z Industrials Industrial Machinery
GS Holdings Ltd 43A Industrials Diversified Support Services
Kori Holdings Ltd 5VC Industrials Construction & Engineering
AcroMeta Group Ltd 43F Industrials Construction & Engineering
LHN Logistics Ltd GIH Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Boldtek Holdings Ltd 5VI Industrials Construction & Engineering
GDS Global Ltd 5VP Industrials Building Products
Advancer Global Ltd 43Q Industrials Human Resource & Employment Services
Hafary Holdings Ltd 5VS Industrials Building Products
Spindex Industries Ltd 564 Industrials Industrial Machinery
SHS Holdings Ltd 566 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Colex Holdings Ltd 567 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Singapore Shipping Corp Ltd S19 Industrials Marine
Airports Of Thailand PLC TATD Industrials Airport Services
Mun Siong Engineering Ltd MF6 Industrials Construction & Engineering
COSCO Shipping International (Singapore) Co Ltd F83 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
PACIFIC RADIANCE W270919 IZGW Industrials Marine
ISOTeam Ltd 5WF Industrials Construction & Engineering
Acesian Partners Ltd 5FW Industrials Industrial Machinery
Tritech Group Ltd 5G9 Industrials Construction & Engineering
T T J Holdings Ltd K1Q Industrials Industrial Machinery
Abundante Ltd 570 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
International Press Softcom Ltd 571 Industrials Diversified Support Services
JES International Holdings Ltd EG0 Industrials Marine
Karin Technology Holdings Ltd K29 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
A-Smart Holdings Ltd BQC Industrials Diversified Support Services
XMH Holdings Ltd BQF Industrials Industrial Machinery
AusGroup Ltd 5GJ Industrials Construction & Engineering
BH Global Corp Ltd BQN Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Tiong Woon Corp Holding Ltd BQM Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
HGH Holdings Ltd 5GZ Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Progen Holdings Ltd 583 Industrials Building Products
Boustead Singapore Ltd F9D Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Raffles Infrastructure Holdings Ltd LUY Industrials Construction & Engineering
VIBROPOWER W250116 PBSW Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Eneco Energy Ltd R14 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Sapphire Corp Ltd BRD Industrials Construction & Engineering

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