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Industrials Companies

Company Name Symbol Sector Industry
Shanghai Hugong Electric Group Co Ltd 603131 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing Co Ltd 603011 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhongzhong Science and Technology (Tianjin) Co Ltd 603135 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo Dechang Electrical Machinery Made Co Ltd 605555 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Chuangli Group Co Ltd 603012 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Tanyuan Technology Co Ltd 603133 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Design Group Co Ltd 603018 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Jiangsu Hengshang Energy Conservation Technology Co Ltd 603137 Industrials Building Products
ARTS Group Co Ltd 603017 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Hangzhou Xili Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 688616 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Easy Visible Supply Chain Management Co Ltd 600093 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Anhui Estone Materials Technology Co Ltd 688733 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou Kelin Electric Co Ltd 688611 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Solareast Holdings Co Ltd 603366 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Railway Construction Corp Ltd 601186 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Flying Technology Co Ltd 603488 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hangzhou Landscaping Co Ltd 605303 Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Aluminum International Engineering Corp Ltd 601068 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Heilongjiang Transport Development Co Ltd 601188 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Flower King Eco-Engineering Inc 603007 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
CTS International Logistics Corp Ltd 603128 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd 603126 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Ficont Industry (Beijing) Co Ltd 605305 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Senci Electric Machinery Co Ltd 603109 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Kunshan Dongwei Technology Co Ltd 688700 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangsu Boxin Investing & Holdings Co Ltd 600083 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Zone-King Environmental Sci & Tech Co Ltd 688701 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Xuancheng Valin Precision Technology Co Ltd 603356 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Nanjing Kangni Mechanical & Electrical Co Ltd 603111 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Zhejiang Tony Electronic Co Ltd 603595 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
TBEA Co Ltd 600089 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co Ltd 601177 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Qingdao Port International Co Ltd 601298 Industrials Marine
Shanxi Huaxiang Group Co Ltd 603112 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangsu Wanlin Modern Logistics Co Ltd 603117 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Dongzhu Ecological Environment Protection Co Ltd 603359 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
China XD Electric Co Ltd 601179 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Nantong Haixing Electronics Co Ltd 603115 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Anhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute Co Ltd 603357 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Riyue Heavy Industry Co Ltd 603218 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Square Technology Group Co Ltd 603339 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jinzhou Portco Co Ltd 600190 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Lanzhou Great Wall Electrical Co Ltd 600192 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
CSSC Science & Technology Co Ltd 600072 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co Ltd 603583 Industrials Industrial Machinery
AA Industrial Belting (Shanghai) Co Ltd 603580 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Wave Cyber (Shanghai) Co Ltd 688718 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology Inc 603588 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Xingtong Shipping Co Ltd 603209 Industrials Marine
Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co Ltd 603208 Industrials Building Products
Shanghai Ace Investment & Development Co Ltd 603329 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Zhuhai Cosmx Battery Co Ltd 688772 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Railway Group Ltd 601390 Industrials Construction & Engineering
CCS Supply Chain Management Co Ltd 600180 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Dalian Haosen Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd 688529 Industrials Industrial Machinery
PNC Process Systems Co Ltd 603690 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Sunway Co Ltd 603333 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Yutong Bus Co Ltd 600066 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Eastern Air Logistics Co Ltd 601156 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Zhejiang Baida Precision Manufacturing Corp 603331 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jintuo Technology Co Ltd 603211 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Gezhouba Group Co Ltd 600068 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey & Design Academe Co Ltd 603458 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Sinomach Heavy Equipment Group Co Ltd 601399 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhejiang Dingli Machinery Co Ltd 603338 Industrials Industrial Machinery
First Tractor Co Ltd 601038 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Zhejiang Three Stars New Materials Co Ltd 603578 Industrials Building Products
Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co Ltd 603699 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hunan Oil Pump Co Ltd 603319 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co Ltd 601018 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
WindSun Science & Technology Co Ltd 688663 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tianjin Meiteng Technology Co Ltd 688420 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science&Technology Co Ltd 688659 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Huayi Electric Co Ltd 600290 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Nextool Technology Co Ltd 688419 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Construction Group Co Ltd 600170 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Supcon Technology Co Ltd 688777 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
SPIC Yuanda Environmental Protection Co Ltd 600292 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Guoguang Electric Co Ltd Chengdu 688776 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo United Group Co Ltd 600051 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co Ltd 600172 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hubei Sanxia New Building Materials Co Ltd 600293 Industrials Building Products
Hunan Changyuan Lico Co Ltd 688779 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
KTK Group Co Ltd 603680 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
XTC New Energy Materials (Xiamen) Co Ltd 688778 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Ningbo Ocean Shipping Co Ltd 601022 Industrials Marine
Zhejiang Chenfeng Science And Technology Co Ltd 603685 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Spring Airlines Co Ltd 601021 Industrials Airlines
Shanghai Zhonggu Logistics Co Ltd 603565 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Fulongma Group Co Ltd 603686 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Zhejiang Dibay Electric Co Ltd 603320 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Meheco Group Co Ltd 600056 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Shanghai Emperor Of Cleaning Hi-Tech Co Ltd 603200 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Zhejiang Meilun Elevator Co Ltd 603321 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Xiamen Xiangyu Co Ltd 600057 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Zhejiang Weiming Environment Protection Co Ltd 603568 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Minmetals Development Co Ltd 600058 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Antong Holdings Co Ltd 600179 Industrials Marine
Beijing Changjiu Logistics Corp 603569 Industrials Trucking
Quick Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd 603203 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Sheng Jian Environment Technology Co Ltd 603324 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Sichuan Road & Bridge Co Ltd 600039 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co Ltd 601008 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Anhui Yingliu Electromechanical Co Ltd 603308 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Sichuan Tianwei Electronic Co Ltd 688511 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Wuxi Hyatech Co Ltd 688510 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Qingdao Daneng Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd 688501 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Pudong Construction Co Ltd 600284 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Goldensea Hi-Tech Co Ltd 603311 Industrials Building Products
Jiangsu Sainty Corp Ltd 600287 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Chengbang Eco-Environment Co Ltd 603316 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Sichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co Ltd 603679 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Zhengyuan Geomatics Group Co Ltd 688509 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co Ltd 600169 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Guangdong Liantai Environmental Protection Co Ltd 603797 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Langfang Development Co Ltd 600149 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
China Southern Airlines Co Ltd 600029 Industrials Airlines
China National Chemical Engineering Co Ltd 601117 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Naruida Technology Co Ltd 688522 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Luster LightTech Co Ltd 688400 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
JinGuan Electric Co Ltd 688517 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Wuxi Autowell Technology Co Ltd 688516 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen United Winners Laser Co Ltd 688518 Industrials Industrial Machinery
AECC Aero Science and Technology Co Ltd 600391 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Nantong Xingqiu Graphite Co Ltd 688633 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China CSSC Holdings Ltd 600150 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Motorcomm Electronic Technology Co Ltd 688515 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Sany Heavy Industry Co Ltd 600031 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Veken Technology Co Ltd 600152 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tangshan Port Group Co Ltd 601000 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Zhejiang Huatie Emergency Equipment Science & Technology Co Ltd 603300 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Xiamen C & D Inc 600153 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Fujian Expressway Development Co Ltd 600033 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Gem-Year Industrial Co Ltd 601002 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Henglin Home Furnishings Co Ltd 603661 Industrials Office Services & Supplies
Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co Ltd 603662 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hubei Chutian Smart Communication Co Ltd 600035 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Zhejiang XCC Group Co Ltd 603667 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Thinker Agricultural Machinery Co Ltd 603789 Industrials Agricultural & Farm Machinery
Chongqing Port Co Ltd 600279 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Daqin Railway Co Ltd 601006 Industrials Railroads
Xi'An Shaangu Power Co Ltd 601369 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Avicopter PLC 600038 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Beijing Sifang Automation Co Ltd 601126 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hengdian Group Tospo Lighting Co Ltd 603303 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Yijiahe Technology Co Ltd 603666 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Orient Group Inc 600811 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Xiamen Xgma Machinery Co Ltd 600815 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Co Ltd 600939 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Wuxi Hongsheng Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Co Ltd 603090 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhejiang Yuejian Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd 603095 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Center International Group Co Ltd 603098 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Xinya Electronic Co Ltd 605277 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tian Jin Bohai Chemical Co Ltd 600800 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Jiangsu Yueda Investment Co Ltd 600805 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co Ltd 603081 Industrials Diversified Support Services
JDM JingDa Machine Ningbo Co Ltd 603088 Industrials Industrial Machinery
JiangSu Changling Hydraulic Co Ltd 605389 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Wecome Intelligent Manufacturing Co Ltd 603070 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group)Corp Ltd 603191 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment Co Ltd 603076 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangsu Rongtai Industry Co Ltd 605133 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Gongniu Group Co Ltd 603195 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Lutian Machinery Co Ltd 605259 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhejiang Mustang Battery Co Ltd 605378 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
JHT Design Co Ltd 603061 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Suzhou Institute Of Building Science Group Co Ltd 603183 Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Testing & Certification International Group Co Ltd 603060 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Qingdao Victall Railway Co Ltd 605001 Industrials Railroads
Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment Group Co Ltd 603066 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Qingdao Hiron Commercial Cold Chain Co Ltd 603187 Industrials Office Services & Supplies
Wuxi Paike New Materials Technology Co Ltd 605123 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen Hopewind Electric Co Ltd 603063 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hoyuan Green Energy Co Ltd 603185 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hainan Haiqi Transportation Group Co Ltd 603069 Industrials Trucking
CWB Automotive Electronics Co Ltd 605005 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
ShiJiaZhuang Kelin Electric Co Ltd 603050 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Huitong Construction Group Co Ltd 603176 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Suzhou K-Hiragawa Electronic Technology Co Ltd 603052 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou Fortune Gas Cryogenic Group Co Ltd 603173 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Suzhou Recodeal Interconnect System Co Ltd 688800 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Guizhou Yongji Printing Co Ltd 603058 Industrials Commercial Printing
Deppon Logistics Co Ltd 603056 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Zhejiang Tuna Environmental Science & Tech Co Ltd 603177 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Hangcha Group Co Ltd 603298 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Geoharbour Construction Group Co Ltd 605598 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Yaguang Technology Co Ltd 603282 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Fujian South Highway Machinery Co Ltd 603280 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Power HF Co Ltd 605100 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Qifan Cable Co Ltd 605222 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Fujian Highton Development Co Ltd 603162 Industrials Trucking
Suzhou Secote Precision Electronic Co Ltd 603283 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Acter Technology Integration Group Co Ltd 603163 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Tederic Machinery Co Ltd 603289 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Lanzhou LS Heavy Equipment Co Ltd 603169 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Fuda Alloy Materials Co Ltd 603045 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Bohai Ferry Group Co Ltd 603167 Industrials Marine
Tongqinglou Catering Co Ltd 605108 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Delixi New Energy Technology Co Ltd 603032 Industrials Trucking
Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences Group Co Ltd 603153 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Trendzone Construction Decoration Group Co Ltd 603030 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Zhejiang Lianxiang Smart Home Co Ltd 603272 Industrials Building Products
Jingjin Equipment Inc 603279 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Yindu Kitchen Equipment Co Ltd 603277 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Huida Sanitary Ware Co Ltd 603385 Industrials Building Products
Chengdu Lihang Technology Co Ltd 603261 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Yuancheng Environment Co Ltd 603388 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
ShanDong Swan Cotton Industrial Machinery Stock Co Ltd 603029 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co Ltd 603269 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Huangshi Dongbei Electrical Appliance Co Ltd 900956 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Xiamen International Airport Co Ltd 600897 Industrials Airport Services
Cosco Shipping Development Co Ltd 601866 Industrials Marine
Flat Glass Group Co Ltd 601865 Industrials Building Products
Suzhou Delphi Laser Co Ltd 688170 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Kama Co Ltd 900953 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd 601868 Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Shipbuilding Industry Corp 601989 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Zbom Home Collection Co Ltd 603801 Industrials Building Products
Jinzhou Portco Co Ltd 900952 Industrials Marine
Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd 600416 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
L&K Engineering (Suzhou) Co Ltd 603929 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangxi JDL Environmental Protection Co Ltd 688057 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Nanjing Wondux Environmental Protection Technology Corp Ltd 688178 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Zhuzhou Huarui Precision Tools Co Ltd 688059 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Avic (Chengdu) Uas Co Ltd 688297 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Shanghai Foreign Service Holding Group Co Ltd 600662 Industrials Trucking
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co Ltd 900947 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hubei Huarong Holding Co Ltd 600421 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Hunan Tyen Machinery Co Ltd 900946 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group Co Ltd 601512 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Hainan Airlines Holding Co Ltd 900945 Industrials Airlines
Xi'an Typical Industries Co Ltd 600302 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Avic Heavy Machinery Co Ltd 600765 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Changyuan Technology Group Ltd 600525 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
MingYang Smart Energy Group Ltd 601615 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Pylon Technologies Co Ltd 688063 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Zhejiang Power New Energy Co Ltd 688184 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Beijing Dynamic Power Co Ltd 600405 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Zhejiang Feida Environmental Science & Technology Co Ltd 600526 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Nanjing Canatal Data-Centre Environmental Tech Co Ltd 603912 Industrials Industrial Machinery
NARI Technology Co Ltd 600406 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Shanghai Wai Gaoqia Free Trade Zone Group Co Ltd 600648 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Wuhan Xianglong Power Industry Co Ltd 600769 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Ningbo Heli Technology Co Ltd 603917 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Railway Hi-tech Industry Corp Ltd 600528 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Guangdian Electric Group Co Ltd 601616 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Jiangsu Guomao Reducer Co Ltd 603915 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Metallurgical Corp of China Ltd 601618 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Wuxi Delinhai Environmental Technology Co Ltd 688069 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co Ltd 688187 Industrials Railroads
Jiangsu Zongyi Co Ltd 600770 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai Jin Jiang Online Network Service Co Ltd 600650 Industrials Trucking
AECC Aviation Power Co Ltd 600893 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co Ltd 600894 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Tengda Construction Group Co Ltd 600512 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Dongfang Electric Corp Ltd 600875 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Xiamen Itg Group Corp Ltd 600755 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Triumph New Energy Co Ltd 600876 Industrials Building Products
CSD Water Service Co Ltd 603903 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd 603901 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co Ltd 688271 Industrials Diversified Support Services
SBT Ultrasonic Technology Co Ltd 688392 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Fangda Carbon New Material Co Ltd 600516 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Aerospace Times Electronic Co Ltd 600879 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Anhui Great Wall Military Industry Co Ltd 601606 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd 601727 Industrials Industrial Machinery
State Grid Yingda Co Ltd 600517 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
CITIC Heavy Industries Co Ltd 601608 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Darbond Technology Co Ltd 688035 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Wuhan Citms Technology Co Ltd 688038 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
C and D Holsin Engineering Consulting Co Ltd 603909 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Hoymiles Power Electronics Inc 688032 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shenzhen Sine Electric Co Ltd 688395 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai SK Automation Technology Co Ltd 688155 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Tianyishangjia New Material Corp Ltd 688033 Industrials Railroads
Hubei Wanrun New Energy Technology Co Ltd 688275 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Beijing Worldia Diamond Tools Co Ltd 688028 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Material Trading Co Ltd 900927 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Avic Shenyang Aircraft Co Ltd 600760 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Anhui Heli Co Ltd 600761 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co Ltd 900925 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Wenyi Trinity Technology Co Ltd 600520 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shang Gong Group Co Ltd 900924 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Nuclear Engineering Corporation Ltd 601611 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co Ltd 600522 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hongfa Technology Co Ltd 600885 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Aerosun Corp 600501 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Kinco Automation (Shanghai) Co Ltd 688160 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shaanxi Huaqin Technology Industry Co Ltd 688281 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Anhui Construction Engineering Group Corp Ltd 600502 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhewen Interactive Group Co Ltd 600986 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co Ltd 900920 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Hubei Donper Electromechanical Group Co Ltd 601956 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Far East Smarter Energy Co Ltd 600869 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Jihua Group Corp Ltd 601718 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co Ltd 601717 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Beijing Roborock Technology Co Ltd 688169 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Taihe Water Technology Development Co Ltd 605081 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
China Railway High-speed Electrification Equipment Co Ltd 688285 Industrials Railroads
Guandian Defense Technology Co Ltd 688287 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Efort Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd 688165 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Haixin Group Co Ltd 900917 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Shanghai Jin Jiang Online Network Service Co Ltd 900914 Industrials Trucking
Black Peony (Group) Co Ltd 600510 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Wai Gaoqia Free Trade Zone Group Co Ltd 900912 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd 600874 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co Ltd 600611 Industrials Trucking
Longjian Road & Bridge Co Ltd 600853 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Highly Group Co Ltd 900910 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Changshu Fengfan Power Equipment Co Ltd 601700 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co Ltd 600855 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Shandong Hiking International Co Ltd 600735 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Guangzhou Risong Intelligent Technology Holding Co Ltd 688090 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hangzhou IECHO Science & Technology Co Ltd 688092 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Chongqing Sanfeng Environment Group Corp Ltd 601827 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Shanghai Highly Group Co Ltd 600619 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Bozhon Precision Industry Technology Co Ltd 688097 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hebei Huatong Wire And Cable Group Co Ltd 605196 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Beijing Jingcheng Machinery Electric Co Ltd 600860 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Co Ltd 900903 Industrials Trucking
Avic Aviation High-Technology Co Ltd 600862 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Sinochem International Corp 600500 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co Ltd 600984 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shang Gong Group Co Ltd 600843 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co Ltd 600846 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co Ltd 600967 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Huitong Energy Co Ltd 600605 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co Ltd 600847 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Co Ltd 601816 Industrials Railroads
Allied Machinery Co Ltd 605060 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing ZEHO Waterfront Ecological Environment Treatment Co Ltd 605069 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Sinoma International Engineering Co Ltd 600970 Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Hi-Tech Group Co Ltd 600730 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Guizhou Zhongyida Co Ltd 600610 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Baosheng Science And Technology Innovation Co Ltd 600973 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Sumec Corp Ltd 600710 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
China Communications Construction Co Ltd 601800 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Shentong Metro Co Ltd 600834 Industrials Railroads
Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry Co Ltd 600835 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Eliansy Industry Group Corp Ltd 600836 Industrials Commercial Printing
Zhiyang Innovation Technology Co Ltd 688191 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tianjin Port Holding Co Ltd 600717 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Qingdao Yunlu Advanced Materials Technology Co Ltd 688190 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Earth-Panda Advanced Magnetic Material Co Ltd 688077 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Xianheng International Science & Technology Co Ltd 605056 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangsu Bide Science And Technology Co Ltd 605298 Industrials Railroads
Beijing New Space Technology Co Ltd 605178 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology Co Ltd 600841 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co Ltd 600820 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shanghai Material Trading Co Ltd 600822 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Beijing Jingpin Tezhuang Technology Co Ltd 688084 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Dlg Exhibitions & Events Corp Ltd 600826 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co Ltd 601919 Industrials Marine
Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co Ltd 688087 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Decai Decoration Co Ltd 605287 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Libert Inc 605167 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc 605288 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Jiangsu Tongli Risheng Machinery Co Ltd 605286 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technologies Inc 605289 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Rizhao Port Co Ltd 600017 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Sichuan Expressway Co Ltd 601107 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Guangzhou Port Co Ltd 601228 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Shanghai International Port (Group) Co Ltd 600018 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
China First Heavy Industries Co Ltd 601106 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Runner (Xiamen) Corp 603408 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Anhui Zhongyuan New Materials Co Ltd 603527 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai Shine-Link International Logistics Co Ltd 603648 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Xi'an Bright Laser Technologies Co Ltd 688333 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Wayz Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co Ltd 688211 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai CEO Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd 688335 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Zhejiang Headman Machinery Co Ltd 688577 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Suzhou Veichi Electric Co Ltd 688698 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Kengic Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 688455 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Neway CNC Equipment (Suzhou) Co Ltd 688697 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen Pacific Union Precision Manufacturing Co Ltd 688210 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen S-king Intelligent Equipment Co Ltd 688328 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhejiang Yankon Group Co Ltd 600261 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Guangdong Mingzhu Group Co Ltd 600382 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Nanjing CIGU Technology Corp Ltd 688448 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Beijing Tieke Shougang Railway-Tech Co Ltd 688569 Industrials Railroads
Henan Zhongyuan Expressway Co Ltd 600020 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Inner Mongolia North Hauler JSC Ltd 600262 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Tianyong Engineering Co Ltd 603895 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Air China Ltd 601111 Industrials Airlines
Jiangsu Shemar Electric Co Ltd 603530 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Xinjiang Yilu Wanyuan Industrial Investment Holding Co Ltd 600145 Industrials Building Products
Sinotrans Ltd 601598 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Guangzhou Jiacheng International Logistics Co Ltd 603535 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Fujian Longking Co Ltd 600388 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Qianjing Landscape Co Ltd 603778 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc 603899 Industrials Office Services & Supplies
COSCO SHIPPING Energy Transportation Co Ltd 600026 Industrials Marine
Guodian Nanjing Automation Co Ltd 600268 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway Co Ltd 600269 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Youon Technology Co Ltd 603776 Industrials Trucking
Zhejiang Grandwall Electric Science & Technology Co Ltd 603897 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corp Ltd 600248 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co Ltd 603638 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhejiang Dayuan Pumps Industry Co Ltd 603757 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai International Airport Co Ltd 600009 Industrials Airport Services
Jiangsu SINOJIT Wind Energy Technology Co Ltd 601218 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Zhenhai Petrochemical Engineering Co Ltd 603637 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Hefei Jianghang Aircraft Equipment Co Ltd 688586 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Guangdong Greenway Technology Co Ltd 688345 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Zhejiang Risun Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 688215 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Long Yuan Construction Group Co Ltd 600491 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Beiren Robot System Co Ltd 688218 Industrials Industrial Machinery
China Railway Har bin Group of Technology Corp 688459 Industrials Diversified Support Services
China Avionics Systems Co Ltd 600372 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Jinxi Axle Co Ltd 600495 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co Ltd 601222 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Anhui Expressway Co Ltd 600012 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Hanma Technology Group Co Ltd 600375 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Changjiang & Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co Ltd 600496 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic Co Ltd 601100 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai CDXJ Digital Technology Co Ltd 603887 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Jiangsu Expressway Co Ltd 600377 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Keda Industrial Group Co Ltd 600499 Industrials Industrial Machinery
HuaDian Heavy Industries Co Ltd 601226 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Juneyao Airlines Co Ltd 603885 Industrials Airlines
Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electronic Apparatus Co Ltd 600379 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Nacity Property Service Group Co Ltd 603506 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Qinhuangdao Port Co Ltd 601326 Industrials Marine
Jiangsu Zhenjiang New Energy Equipment Co Ltd 603507 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Clenergy Technology Co Ltd 603628 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Spacesat Co Ltd 600118 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
SEC Electric Machinery Co Ltd 603988 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Y.U.D. Yangtze River Investment Industry Co Ltd 600119 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Henan Thinker Automatic Equipment Co Ltd 603508 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Hainan Jinpan Smart Technology Co Ltd 688676 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen Yanmade Technology Inc 688312 Industrials Industrial Machinery
OKE Precision Cutting Tools Co Ltd 688308 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Niutech Environment Technology Corp 688309 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corp Ltd 688425 Industrials Industrial Machinery
ShenZhen Consys Science & Technology Co Ltd 688788 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Xinjiang Daqo New Energy Co Ltd 688303 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shuangliang Eco-Energy Systems Co Ltd 600481 Industrials Industrial Machinery
KEDE Numerical Control Co Ltd 688305 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Dongguan Dingtong Precision Metal Co Ltd 688668 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co Ltd 688789 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Dynagreen Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd 601330 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronic Science And Technology Co Ltd 600363 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Qinghai Huading Industrial Co Ltd 600243 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiayou International Logistics Co Ltd 603871 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Xiamen Solex High-Tech Industries Co Ltd 603992 Industrials Building Products
Guangshen Railway Co Ltd 601333 Industrials Railroads
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Co Ltd 600004 Industrials Airport Services
China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co Ltd 600125 Industrials Railroads
Cheng Cheng Group Co Ltd 600247 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Guangxi Wuzhou Communications Co Ltd 600368 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Shanghai Laimu Electronics Co Ltd 603633 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tianjin Benefo Tejing Electric Co Ltd 600468 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Hanjian Heshan Pipeline Co Ltd 603616 Industrials Building Products
Chongqing Road & Bridge Co Ltd 600106 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Junhe Pumps Holding Co Ltd 603617 Industrials Industrial Machinery
TKD Science And Technology Co Ltd 603738 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Nancal Technology Co Ltd 603859 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shandong Donghong Pipe Industry Co Ltd 603856 Industrials Building Products
Hangzhou Cable Co Ltd 603618 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Orbbec Inc 688322 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Jiangsu Maixinlin Aviation Science and Technology Corp 688685 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Zhejiang Haiyan Liyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd 688565 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shandong Kehui Power Automation Co Ltd 688681 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai HIUV New Materials Co Ltd 688680 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Bluesword Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 688557 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Freewon China Co Ltd 688678 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Qingdao Gaoce Technology Co Ltd 688556 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Tellhow Sci-Tech Co Ltd 600590 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co Ltd 688559 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Nantong Guosheng Intelligence Technology Group Co Ltd 688558 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Anhui Tongyuan Environment Energy Saving Co Ltd 688679 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Shandong Hi-Speed Co Ltd 600350 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Fujian Longxi Bearing Group Co Ltd 600592 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co Ltd 603861 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Nuode New Materials Co Ltd 600110 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanghai Environment Group Ltd 601200 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
RoadMainT Co Ltd 603860 Industrials Research & Consulting Services
Guizhou Changzheng Tiacheng Holding Co Ltd 600112 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
YTO Express Group Co Ltd 600233 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Wuxi Huaguang Environment & Energy Group Co Ltd 600475 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hangxiao Steel Structure Co Ltd 600477 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Ningbo Sanxing Medical Electric Co Ltd 601567 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Zhejiang Tiantai Xianghe Industrial Co Ltd 603500 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
China Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd 600115 Industrials Airlines
Hunan Corun New Energy Co Ltd 600478 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China State Construction Engineering Corp Ltd 601668 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Ningbo Construction Co Ltd 601789 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Langdi Group Co Ltd 603726 Industrials Industrial Machinery
KraussMaffei Co Ltd 600579 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co Ltd 603606 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Resources And Environment Co Ltd 600217 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Poten Environment Group Co Ltd 603603 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Eurocrane (China) Co Ltd 603966 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Jiangsu Favored Nanotechnology Co Ltd 688371 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Anhui Quanchai Engine Co Ltd 600218 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd 601669 Industrials Construction & Engineering
China Master Logistics Co Ltd 603967 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Shanghai Conglin Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd 688370 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Shanghai Moons' Electric Co Ltd 603728 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou Kaierda Welding Robot Co Ltd 688255 Industrials Industrial Machinery
MayAir Technology (China) Co Ltd 688376 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Suzhou Novoprotein Scientific Co Ltd 688137 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Hangzhou Huaguang Advanced Welding Materials Co Ltd 688379 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shareate Tools Ltd 688257 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co Ltd 688499 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jadard Technology Inc 688252 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Suzhou QingYue Optoelectronics Technology Co Ltd 688496 Industrials Diversified Support Services
China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co Ltd 688128 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Zhejiang Hangke Technology Incorporated Co 688006 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Southern Power Grid Technology Co Ltd 688248 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
China Railway Signal & Communication Corp Ltd 688009 Industrials Railroads
Wolong Electric Group Co Ltd 600580 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Tiand Di Science & Technology Co Ltd 600582 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hainan Airlines Holding Co Ltd 600221 Industrials Airlines
Beijing Airport High-tech Park Co Ltd 600463 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Shaanxi Aerospace Power Hi-Tech Co Ltd 600343 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Camel Group Co Ltd 601311 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Warom Technology Inc Co 603855 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Bondex Supply Chain Management Co Ltd 603836 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Tibet Tianlu Co Ltd 600326 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co Ltd 603713 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Daqian Ecology and Environment Group Co Ltd 603955 Industrials Construction & Engineering
InventisBio Co Ltd 688382 Industrials Diversified Support Services
WPG (Shanghai) Smart Water PCL 603956 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Lawton Development Co Ltd 600209 Industrials Construction & Engineering
TianYu Eco-Environment Co Ltd 603717 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Hunan Baili Engineering SCI&Tech Co Ltd 603959 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Guangdong Fangyuan Environment Co Ltd 688148 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Suzhou Harmontronics Automation Technology Co Ltd 688022 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Yangtze Optical Electronic Co Ltd 688143 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Leader Harmonious Drive Systems Co Ltd 688017 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai Kelai Mechatronics Engineering Co Ltd 603960 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhengping Road & Bridge Construction Co Ltd 603843 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Huaihe Energy (Group) Co Ltd 600575 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Hangzhou Freely Communication Co Ltd 603602 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co Ltd 600213 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Tongling Jingda Special Magnet Wire Co Ltd 600577 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
UE Furniture Co Ltd 603600 Industrials Office Services & Supplies
North Navigation Control Technology Co Ltd 600435 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Ningbo Marine Co Ltd 600798 Industrials Marine
CRRC Corp Ltd 601766 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Jiangxi Hongdu Aviation Industry Co Ltd 600316 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Atlantic China Welding Consumables Inc 600558 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Yingkou Port Liability Co Ltd 600317 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Suzhou Kelida Building & Decoration Co Ltd 603828 Industrials Building Products
Jiangsu Liance Electromechanical Technology Co Ltd 688113 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Suzhou Mingzhi Technology Co Ltd 688355 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Yupont Electric Power Technology Co Ltd 688597 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Hangzhou EZVIZ Network Co Ltd 688475 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Shanghai Gentech Co Ltd 688596 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Crystal Growth and Energy Equipment Co Ltd 688478 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shanghai MicroPort EP Medtech Co Ltd 688351 Industrials Diversified Support Services
Wetown Electric Group Co Ltd 688226 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Sany Heavy Energy Co Ltd 688349 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Aritime Intelligent Control Co Ltd 600560 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Asian Star Anchor Chain Co Ltd 601890 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Jiangxi Changyun Co Ltd 600561 Industrials Trucking
Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co Ltd 600320 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
CSSC Offshore & Marine Engineering (Group) Co Ltd 600685 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Harbin Air Conditioning Co Ltd 600202 Industrials Building Products
Sinomach General Machinery Science & Technology Co Ltd 600444 Industrials Building Products
Xiamen King Long Motor Group Co Ltd 600686 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Fujian Furi Electronics Co Ltd 600203 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Saurer Intelligent Technology Co Ltd 600545 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Aurora Optoelectronics Co Ltd 600666 Industrials Industrial Machinery
CMST Development Co Ltd 600787 Industrials Air Freight & Logistics
Zhejiang Chint Electrics Co Ltd 601877 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Shanxi Coal International Energy Group Co Ltd 600546 Industrials Trading Companies & Distributors
Anhui Gourgen Traffic Construction Co Ltd 603815 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhejiang Jianfeng Group Co Ltd 600668 Industrials Industrial Conglomerates
Zhejiang Damon Technology Co Ltd 688360 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Shenzhen Expressway Corp Ltd 600548 Industrials Construction & Engineering
Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co Ltd 601636 Industrials Building Products
Guangdong Gensho Logistics Co Ltd 603813 Industrials Trucking
Science Environmental Protection Co Ltd 688480 Industrials Diversified Support Services
COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co Ltd 600428 Industrials Marine
Jiling Expressway Co Ltd 601518 Industrials Highways & Railtracks
Changzhou Shenli Electrical Machine Inc Co 603819 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Fujian Haixia Environmental Protection Group Co Ltd 603817 Industrials Environmental & Facilities Services
Suzhou Tztek Technology Co Ltd 688003 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Integrity Technology Co Ltd 688244 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Guangdong Anda Automation Solutions Co Ltd 688125 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hefei Gocom Information Technology Co Ltd 688367 Industrials Railroads
Western Superconducting Technologies Co Ltd 688122 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Beijing Jiuzhouyigui Environmental Technology Co Ltd 688485 Industrials Construction Machinery & Heavy Trucks
Shanghai Supezet Engineering Technology Corp Ltd 688121 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Hubei Chaozhuo Aviation Technology Co Ltd 688237 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Guizhou Aviation Technical Development Co Ltd 688239 Industrials Aerospace & Defense
Liaoning Port Co Ltd 601880 Industrials Marine
Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric Co Ltd 600550 Industrials Heavy Electrical Equipment
Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co Ltd 601882 Industrials Industrial Machinery
Zhangjiagang Freetrade Science & Technology Group Co Ltd 600794 Industrials Marine Ports & Services
Ningbo Water Meter (Group) Co Ltd 603700 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Henan Pinggao Electric Co Ltd 600312 Industrials Electrical Components & Equipment
Jangho Group Co Ltd 601886 Industrials Construction & Engineering

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