TSE:3645 - Medical Net Inc Medical Net Inc
Sector: Communication Services, Industry: Interactive Media & Services
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Total Assets [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.81B 1.98B 2.05B 1.55B 1.71B 1.71B 1.74B 1.81B 2.07B 2.17B 2.11B 2.27B
Current Assets [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.55B 1.54B 1.6B 1.1B 1.18B 1.17B 1.21B 1.3B 1.43B 1.54B 1.51B 1.6B
Cash Equivalents [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.15B 980.53M 1.04B 514.92M 519.55M 533.68M 605.27M 714.91M 743.81M 853.15M 868.66M 954.85M
NonCurrent Assets [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 260.78M 442.82M 454.82M 456.21M 529.7M 537.78M 531.17M 516.46M 635.92M 634.55M 602.05M 664.87M
Total Liabilities [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 234.34M 398.24M 408.81M 362.41M 735.89M 683.49M 730.18M 780.48M 878.6M 913.07M 846.98M 895.29M
Current Liabilities [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 234.34M 322.52M 335.92M 301.84M 678.98M 627.24M 677.15M 707.17M 764.72M 803.93M 722.54M 738.58M
NonCurrent Liabilities [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 2K 75.72M 72.89M 60.57M 56.91M 56.25M 53.03M 73.31M 113.87M 109.14M 124.44M 156.71M
Total Equity [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.57B 1.58B 1.64B 1.19B 972.16M 1.02B 1.01B 1.03B 1.19B 1.26B 1.26B 1.37B
Stockholders Equity [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 1.57B 1.57B 1.64B 1.18B 962.75M 1.01B 996.49M 1.02B 1.18B 1.25B 1.24B 1.35B
Minority Interest [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] [friend] 6.75M 6.81M 6.7M 7.98M 9.41M 9.36M 9.97M 11.28M 13.07M 15.87M 17.39M 19.43M
Values are in JPY whenever applicable | Fiscal year ends on May 31
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