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Jardine Strategic Holdings profit surged 49.17% to $10.84b in 2017

9 Mar 2018 - Singapore Business Review
Jardine Matheson’s profit contribution rose to US$372m or 4.5% of the total. Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited’s (JSH) profits surged 49.17% YoY from $7.26b (US$5.5b) in 2016 to $10.84b (US$8.21b) in 2017. According to its financial statement, the group’s revenue was $41.66b (US$31.56b), compared with ...

Jardine Strategic: Interim Management Statement.

9 Nov 2017 - ShareInvestor Express
Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited has issued an Interim Management Statement for the third quarter of 2017. Good trading performances in a number of the Group's businesses, particularly Astra, Hongkong Land, Jardine Pacific and Jardine Motors, led to improved earnings for the period under review. The ...
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Jardine Strategic to replace SIA Engineering on STI benchmark

31 Aug 2017 - Business Times Breaking News
JARDINE Strategic Holdings will be added to the benchmark Straits Times Index (STI) with effect from Sept 18, while SIA Engineering will be taken out, following a quarterly review.The STI reserve list will be (in order of size): Suntec Reit, Mapletree Commercial Trust, Venture Corp, SIA Engineering and ...
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Here Are 4 Companies Trading Near A 52-Week High

17 Oct 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
I like to run a screen regularly to find companies with share prices that are near their respective 52-week lows. Some great investors – such as John Neff and John Templeton – scour lists of beaten down stocks for potential investing opportunities. That’s because they believe that stocks that have fallen ...
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The Top 5 Billion-Dollar Companies That Are Exposed To South-East Asia’s Economy

11 Oct 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Being a Singapore-listed company does not mean that its fortunes are linked to the Singapore economy alone. There are companies listed in Singapore that do the majority of their business in South East Asia countries outside of Singapore. Data from a recent report by market researcher Frost & Sullivan ...
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A Look At Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited's Track Record As A Dividend Stock

7 Sep 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited (SGX: J37) is a company that has paid an annual dividend consistently over its last 10 fiscal years, as shown in this article. This raises the question: Is Jardine Strategic’s dividend sustainable in the future? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Unlike a stock’s ...

Sembcorp Marine Ltd Has Just Been Dropped from the Straits Times Index: What Investors Should Know

2 Sep 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
As Foolish investors may know, the Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI), the most prominent market benchmark in Singapore, is made up of 30 different stocks. What may not be that well-known is that the list of 30 is reviewed on a quarterly basis to determine whether any changes should be made. In a joint ...
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Why Have Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited’s Shares Gained Only 6.5% In Value In 5 Years?

31 Aug 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
I think it is fair to say that most investors want to find stocks that can increase in value in the future, either from an appreciation in the share price or through the distribution of dividends. So, it’s worth keeping in mind the idea that both factors – price appreciation and dividends – are generally ...

Mandarin Oriental International Limited’s Investors Should See This Investing Formula

17 Aug 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
The return on equity (ROE) metric measures a company’s ability to generate a profit with the shareholders’ capital it has. In general, a high ROE is preferred over a low one, all things being equal. But, the ROE alone does not tell the whole story with a company. It can actually be broken down into greater ...
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An Investor’s Look At Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited’s Valuations: Today vs. History

11 Aug 2016 - The Motley Fool Singapore
Conglomerates are companies with various business interests which gives them diverse profit streams. There are no shortages of conglomerates in Singapore’s market and one of them happens to be Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited (SGX: J37), which is part of the sprawling Jardine business empire. Jardine ...
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