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5 Jul 2022

1 day ago

Cory Diary : Building Up Passive Returns - Income Streams

Equity Portfolio ( link ) The market has been on bad patches in recent months or years depending on the make-up of one portfolio. Not sure about investors but personally this can be one of the best time to re-balance, strengthen and build up a dividend portfolio. One of the weakness in the portfolio ...


3 Jul 2022

3 days ago

Government-backed Singapore Savings Bond Yields Interest Rate of 3.0% For August 2022

(Source: Kirill Petropavlov/Unsplash) The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 0.75% in June 2022 and the market is pricing in another 75 basis points for July’s meeting. If the estimates pan out, Fed would have raised interest rates by a total of 3.25% – 3.5% by end of 2022. Rising interest rates ...


2 Jul 2022

4 days ago

2Q 2022 passive income: Stronger with changes.

2Q 2022 saw many changes in my portfolio. I nibbled at QAF Limited and if you want to know why, see: Investment in QAF is larger now. Next, I nibbled at an ETF and that probably surprised some long time readers of my blog. Well, I surprise myself sometimes with the things I do. I know I am mental as ...


30 Jun 2022

6 days ago

OCBC RoboInvest and its Thematic Portfolios

OCBC RoboInvest and its Thematic Portfolios by richard June 29, 2022June 29, 2022 Bear markets tend to be the best times to start accumulating into a new investment product, so I thought I’d use this time to look into Roboadvisors. Platforms such as Stashaway, Syfe and others have been around for a while, ...


6 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistwei bought DBS

Date: 30 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 29.84
Shares: 400
Total: SGD 11,977.25

29 Jun 2022

7 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistwei bought DBS

Date: 29 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 30.2
Shares: 300
Total: SGD 9,091.39

7 days ago

Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in SGX-Listed Companies (2021)


25 Jun 2022

11 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlisttham bought DBS

Date: 24 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 29.76
Shares: 200
Total: SGD 5,981.67

22 Jun 2022

14 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX) - Most Mentions By Blog Posts

DBS (SGX) has been mentioned in 8 different blog posts in the last 14 days

14 days ago

Should we still top up our CPF in an increasing interest rate environment?

Many friends have been asking me if it's still worth it to top up their CPF now considering that the interest rate is expected to rise for the rest of the year. To answer this question, we need to know how is CPF interest rate being determined. The CPF interest rate has remained at 2.5% for Original ...


21 Jun 2022

14 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlisttakingstock sold DBS

Date: 20 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 29.77

20 Jun 2022

16 days ago

From SOR/SIBOR to SORA interest rate benchmark, how would this affect your home mortgage loan?

Source: Kara Eads/Unsplash Before the end of 2022, all SOR-based property loans would have transited to SORA interest rate benchmark. If you have an existing housing loan that is pegged to Singapore Dollar Swap Offer Rate (‘SOR’), your bank might have or will be contacting you about the need to move ...


19 Jun 2022

17 days ago

Cashing out Hodlnaut Funds via Crypto.com

Crypto has been on a downtrend since 2021 and has suffered lots of bearish news this year. The latest being that Celsius has frozen withdrawals and Three Arrows facing possible insolvency. As much as Hodlnaut has distanced themselves from Celsius and Three Arrows, one can’t help but wonder about the ...


16 Jun 2022

19 days ago

My own macro views (highly inaccurate)

If this post goes off, it means that i have passed my covid test in Korea and is currently there now for a few days. I would like to share my own views on how i see the macro in general. Though i would put a big DISCLAIMER that i am not skilled / experienced in such things and is just purely my own small ...


15 Jun 2022

21 days ago

Mortgage Rate Revision?

I received a letter from DBS today about the revision of the Fixed Deposit Home Rate 24 (FHR24) from 0.9% to 1.3%. That’s not surprising given inflation woes that have been in the news in recent months. It was only a matter of time. The second para actually gave me a mini-scare! So I really got to thank ...


21 days ago

Largest investments updated (2Q 2022.)

I last did an update on my largest investments in early April. Since then, there have been quite a few changes. I have reduced my investment in Centurion Corporation since that update. See: Reallocate as interest rate rises. and Centurion: A smaller investment. I have used some of the funds raised to ...


21 days ago

Habi Raises $75 Million in Additional Credit Lines One Month After Closing $200 Million Series C

Participating Financial Institutions Include TriplePoint Capital, as well as Leading FinTechs and Local Banks Company Has Raised Over $450 Million in Capital to Date and Continues to Execute on a Material Pipeline of Additional Liquidity Credit Lines Will Be Used to Further Transform the Latin American ...


14 Jun 2022

22 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistcyberpigworld bought DBS

Date: 14 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 29.6

13 Jun 2022

23 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistJDaito bought DBS

Date: 3 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 31.03

23 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistJDaito bought DBS

Date: 23 May 2022
Price: SGD 30.94

23 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistJDaito bought DBS

Date: 18 May 2022
Price: SGD 31.4

9 Jun 2022

27 days ago

Centurion Corporation: A smaller investment.

Not too long ago, I said I trimmed my position in Centurion Corp. If you don't remember or if you missed it, see: Reallocate as interest rate rises. Centurion Corp. is now one of my smaller investments because I went on to trim my position further as its share price rose in recent days. My investment ...


7 Jun 2022

29 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistaxellai bought DBS

Date: 7 Jun 2022
Price: SGD 30.7
Shares: 100
Total: SGD 3,082.39

5 Jun 2022

31 days ago

Fixed Deposit Promotions in June 2022

Below are the Fixed Deposit Promotions in June 2022. As inflation rate rises, the Fed has been increasing interest rates to cool an overheated economy and reduce inflation. Even though businesses suffer due to higher borrowing costs, certain assets such as Fixed Deposits and Bonds benefit from such moves ...


2 Jun 2022

34 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX) - Most Mentions By Blog Posts

DBS (SGX) has been mentioned in 6 different blog posts in the last 14 days

34 days ago

My Investment Portfolio - SG (End May 2022)

From StocksCafe (click image for clearer view) Transactions made: - Sold 6,000 units of Astrea V3.85%B290620# at $1.022 - Sold 7,500 units of Astrea VI3%B310318# at $0.986 - Sold 4,000 units of Old Chang Kee at $0.685 - Bought 6,000 units of Astrea7A1 4.125%320527 at $1.00 I sold off all my holdings ...


1 Jun 2022

31 May 2022

36 days ago

Market Update – Time to be defensive

Fed rate hikes Eng of QE Rising inflation Rising commodity prices Is this the last leg of the bull market? Will corporate earnings continue to rise? Will US and China’s economy contract? How should I position my portfolio in the light of possible contraction of economy? I should Buy (0r hold) companies ...


27 May 2022

40 days ago

Don't make the same mistake I did!

I have been paying the annual fee for my POSB Everyday credit card for the last few years. I only have 2 credit cards and even so I couldn't make it a point to remember to waive off the annual fee every year….. I checked yesterday and realized that I have been paying a total of about $270 of Annual fee ...


26 May 2022

41 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistmicgohch bought DBS

Date: 26 May 2022
Price: SGD 30.408

24 May 2022

43 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistwei bought DBS

Date: 24 May 2022
Price: SGD 30.8
Shares: 300
Total: SGD 9,271.63

20 May 2022

47 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchliststevencong bought DBS

Date: 9 May 2022
Price: SGD 32.88
Shares: 200
Total: SGD 6,580

47 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistWEESTOCK bought DBS

Date: 17 May 2022
Price: SGD 31.38

17 May 2022

49 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistlifeisfullofirony bought DBS

Date: 17 May 2022
Price: SGD 31.21

11 May 2022

56 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX:D05)

SGD 0.36 (1.11%)
ExDate = 11 May 2022
You hold 2,000 shares of this stock.
You will receive SGD 720 on 25 May 2022.

8 May 2022

59 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX:D05)

SGD 0.36 (1.09%)
ExDate = 11 May 2022
You hold 2,000 shares of this stock.
You will receive SGD 720 on 25 May 2022.

7 May 2022

60 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistJDaito sold DBS

Date: 29 Apr 2022
Price: SGD 34.28

5 May 2022

62 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistrolanto bought DBS

Date: 5 May 2022
Price: SGD 33.6

4 May 2022

63 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX:D05)

SGD 0.36 (1.06%)
ExDate = 11 May 2022
You hold 2,000 shares of this stock.
You will receive SGD 720 on 25 May 2022.

2 May 2022

30 Apr 2022

67 days ago

Benefiting from interest rate hikes.

If our purpose is to generate passive income, why put money in fixed deposits when we can have a share of the profits generated by the banks? Share as in sharing? Shareholder? AK so clever. ;p Singapore banks will benefit significantly from interest rate hikes in the coming quarters. The strategy to ...


24 Apr 2022

73 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistWEESTOCK bought DBS

Date: 22 Apr 2022
Price: SGD 33.09

17 Apr 2022

80 days ago

Investing in Alibaba and Tencent now.

It is no secret that I spend a lot of my time gaming online. I have also been buying lots of things online. I hardly leave my home and, so, I have become even more of a hermit in recent years. Anyway, with my lifestyle, shouldn't I be interested in Alibaba and Tencent? Well, on top of them being Chinese, ...


14 Apr 2022

83 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlisttham bought DBS

Date: 14 Apr 2022
Price: SGD 33.7
Shares: 1,000
Total: SGD 33,815.77

12 Apr 2022

10 Apr 2022

86 days ago

Cory Diary : DBS Multiplier Experience Sharing

Often we need to have some working cash, immediate cash or emergency needs. So able to optimize this amount of idle money will provide some returns. Fixed Deposit rate is bad in current environment and not as flexible. Even if rates continue to increase, is still low. Conditions required for DBS Multiplier ...


8 Apr 2022

89 days ago

In Portfolio & Watchlistghostly bought DBS

Date: 8 Apr 2022
Price: SGD 34.43
Shares: 300
Total: SGD 10,346.68

89 days ago

In Portfolio & WatchlistDBS (SGX:D05)

SGD 0.36 (1.02%)
ExDate = 8 Apr 2022
You hold 2,000 shares of this stock.
You will receive SGD 720 on 22 Apr 2022.

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